2006 State Champions and Place Winners

State Champions and Place Winners
2006 State Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to our most dedicated campers who achieved their highest goals this season.
This is NOT a comprehensive list. Just some of long-time campers who let us know how they WON STATE!

Delaware - Connor McDonald, Alex Meade

Kentucky - Bryan Peace, Mason Reid

Massachusetts – Shawn Fendone, Greg Vaughan, Nate Recoulle

Missouri - Jake Hunter, Ryan Mango, Conor Hovis,

New York - J.P. O’Connor, Eric Decker, Ian Paddock, Paul Paddock

North Carolina - Rob Tate

Ohio - Ben Llanas, Lance Palmer, Colt Sponseller

Pennsylvania - Nikko Leitzel,

South Carolina – Chesterfield HS and many individuals.

Texas - Cinco Ranch Wrestlers

Virginia - Collin Dozier

West Virginia - Anthony Easter

Wisconsin - Zac Cibula, Dennis Reckelberg

National Preps – Mario Mason, Nicky Gordon, Justin Martinez, Cullen Isenberg, Adam Healey, Michael McMullan, Joe McMullan and Derek MacHaffey

2006 State Placewinners

This is NOT a comprehensive list. Just some of regular long time campers who let us know how they did this season.

Indiana – The Muncie Southside Team was at our camp and had 5 place winners for the first time in school history.

Casey Bradley, Bryant Whitaker, Marcus Miller, James King, Justin Combs

Massachusetts - Chris Constantine

Missouri - Ben Hunter

Nebraska - Riley Essay

New Jersey – Thomas Scotten

Ohio - Kyle Gilchrist

Pennsylvania - Walter Peppelman, Quentin Wright, Nic Bedleyon, Tony Dallago, Micah Bolinger, Johnny Sutika, Landis Wright

South Carolina - Chesterfield HS Wrestlers

Texas - Austin Cordova

West Virginia - Jeremy McCarty, Tyler Smith, Billy Barrett, Logan Martin, Anthony Hall, Brittany Woodall

Wisconsin - Jesse Roberts, Ryan Zellner, Nick Lloyd, Malachi Root, Steven Monk, Sam Umlauf

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