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A brief video clip displaying actual footage from camp as well as commentary from camp coaches, clinicians and Coach Chertow.

A compilation of footage from our summer camps.

Ken narrates footage of himself performing lateral drops in live competition, stressing the importance of arch and turn.

Ken narrates live footage of proper slide by technique, set ups, and finishes.

Some footage from various winter camps throughout the years.

Ken works with Alex and Doyle on the importance of proper shadow drilling to improve speed, agility, and muscle memory. These drills are important because you will improve through repetition and shadow drilling allows you to train without a partner.

Some of Ken's greatest moments.

Video compilation shot and edited by the father of a camper at our Florida camp held at Stetson University.

Throwing dummies are an essential training tool that can offer you the advantage of being able to drill throws repetitively without wearing out your partner.

A unique and entertaining short video of Ken in action with the theme of "Superman"

Ken demonstrates key double leg takedown concepts such as closing the distance, changing levels, and set ups to aid you in penetrating through your opponents defense.

Some video footage of Ken in action.

Ken teaches Wall Drill exercises to express the importance of back pressure,elbow position, shoulder rotation, and level changes to aid you in perfecting your stand up.

Ken narrates as Alex and Doyle demonstrate critical top and bottom drills which allow you to maintain control of your opponent, build a strong base, and improve basic yet crucial mat wrestling skills.

Video clips of Ken during his days at Penn State

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