Feedback submitted by Brett Bzura

Ken, It was definitely a smart choice attending your camp last summer. I have really started stepping it up recently! I can easily say that I will be going back to your camp this summer and I will NOT be going back to J Robinson. I have been to both and your camp is much better. Your camp is more for the kids that are dedicated or already above average and need to improve their technique and get intense wrestling in against other good wrestlers. Robinson is more for the wrestler who simply needs to learn how to get out of bed in the morning to lift and run and find out how hard they really can go. The technique instruction is much better at your camp because of the smaller groups and top notch coaches. At their camp it was like 50 people learning from one of his college wrestlers, Maybe even 75 per group. Also, at your camp you have the option to run in the morning or lift in the morning or evening which is better then being forced to do it at brink of dawn in summer. Another thing that was better at your camp was that we had a better opportunity to rest and relax between sessions. If you get to sleep a little you have more energy to work harder at each practice. It is rough resting in hot dorms between sessions at other camps I have gone too. Overall, your camp is better for learning, has better wrestlers and much better coaches. I made some friends and had fun too. See you at Super Gold this summer. Brett Bzura