Feedback submitted by Chris Upchurch

Hello Mr. Chertow This is Chris Upchurch, Charlie Scherertz student. Our state tournament is over and I am pleased to let you know that I recently was state runner-up at 125. I lost a tough 3-0 match in the finals. I was hoping to be champion but I am only a sophomore so I still have two more years and the guy I lost to in the finals is a junior so I might see him again, hopefully. I cannot even begin to tell you how much your camp has helped me progress over the last two years. I've come a very long way, only starting wrestling the spring of 8th grade. Overall I had a wonderful season and I hope to be a 2x state champion. I will be attending your camp(s) over the summer. Other teammates of mine placed as well: Drake Hovis (state champ at 160, junior), Dan Tulley also known as the slide-by guru (runner-up at 171, junior), Jeff Knipper who is the blonde curly head kid (third place at 135, senior) and our heavyweight who only weighs 205 on a good day Scott Craft (fifth place, senior). Thank You, Chris Upchurch