Feedback submitted by Milton Wrestling Families

Ken and Ian I ran into our high school coach today, and he shared that the High School attendees really enjoyed your camp. Consensus was that 'it was the best they'd ever been to'. Coach was equally impressed and thought taking a group to summer camp was an excellent opportunity. The youth club kids, parents, and board members thought camp was 'EXCELLENT' too. One 7th grader said 'I can't wait to go to summer camp. I learned so much from Mr. Chertow and he's so funny too'. We appreciate your willingness to trek all the way to little Milton to bring your/staff expertise to the families of Wisconsin. Getting 10 of our little guys to join our HS team at summer camp is not going to be a problem at all! Much respect and appreciation to an 'awesome' and exceptional group of individuals who are building the future face of wrestling champions! Milton Wrestling Families PS: I will be ordering the full DVD set for the Youth/High School Library.