Feedback submitted by Jim and Steph Hendrickson Castile,

Mr. Chertow: We're writing to say thank you! Your camp program is amazing and encouraging. What a blessing you, your family and staff are. We attended the camp in November at State College. We signed up 3 of our 4 sons to attend your camp. Our 4th son was taking a year off from wrestling because last season he had a 'bad' year. We decided to let him have the time off but asked him to come to the camp for some family time. While he was watching the camp, you asked him if he would be a partner since there was an odd man out. He agreed and ended up wrestling the entire weekend with a bloody nose. We were afraid that he would definitely not wrestle the coming season. However, good news. He liked your camp and was so motivated by your talks that he decided to wrestle. His attitude about wrestling has changed completely. He knows how to focus, how to prepare to meet his goals and he is on honor roll in school. So far this season he has taken 3 first places and 2 very respectable 2nd places. We are very proud of him. His attitude on and off the mat is remarkable. Our other boys enjoyed your camp and we have seen a remarkable change in all of their attitudes about wrestling. They have all done very well this season. To tell you how much and in how many ways attending your camp has helped our boys would take pages. We're glad we were referred to your camp! Thanks again. May God bless you and your continued efforts! Jim and Steph Hendrickson Castile, New York