Feedback submitted by Dan Carman

Dear Ken and family, I hope all's well in PA and everywhere else as you seem to be all over the place. I found your web site and am quite impressed. Your camps were great when I was a kid and they seem to be even better and more spread out now. I know it's been done through hard work. As for an update - I finished college in 2001, doing well all 4 years in both school and wrestling. I was captain my senior year. I couldn't have done all that without your help at your many camps. Thanks! I am going to by an attorney. After college I went to Budapest, Hungary for one year to teach English, and I am back now in my first year of law school at the University of Kentucky. My brother Drew is doing well in his senior year at Lawrence U. in Appleton, Wisconsin, and my dad, Bill, loves wrestling as much as ever. From the looks of your web pages, you seem to be doing just fine and staying awfully busy. Again, thanks for all your help in my younger days. Dan Carman