Feedback submitted by Paul Wiegartner FBI Agent Penn State '87

Ken, I just wanted to thank you again and let you know what a great time Joe and I had at Junior Olympian Camp. He really enjoyed himself and I know I did. It was definitely a positive experience for both of us. I thought Frank did a good job as coordinator and the Jr. counselors worked well with the kids. I thought Rob Herman, John Sacchi and Nik Zagarnichny were particularly popular with the kids and gave strong presentations. Sacchi had some good catch phrases with I think resonated (i.e. 'destroy his position'). Herman definitely takes command of the room and had some great technique which I think they can really use. Nik had them doing a bunch of exercise games, which worked them real hard, but kept it fun. I think the little ones were a little overloaded with information at the time and it was perfect timing to lighten up the atmosphere. You run an awesome camp! Thanks. Paul Wiegartner FBI Agent Penn State '87