Feedback submitted by Joey Roby

Ken, I don't know if you can remember this far back, but in 1992 you wrote me a hand written letter to prepare me for the state championship. I ended up winning the 152lb state title. I wasn't sure if I had ever told you how truly thankful I am for all the time and effort you put forth. There are so many fond memories of those years. Sometimes we take for granted all the people that have made positive impacts on our lives. Wrestling teaches so many life lessons: discipline, fortitude, perseverance, etc. I still have the letter that you wrote me. Sometimes when life seems tough and I feel defeated it reminds me that all the work is not in vain. The satisfaction of reaching the goal far outweighs the pain involved during the journey. Ken thanks again for what you do. It takes a special character to do your career. The selflessness and commitment that you give to all those you come in contact with is truly to be commended. All the best to you this year. - Joey Roby