Feedback submitted by Mitzi

Hi Ken, Thanks for running a great camp! The kids worked very hard. You and Coach Fritz kept everything going and in control. All of the coaches worked hard and rotated from group to group like at your other camps. Coach Hall was very interactive and made several comments regarding the quality of the camp. During live wrestling he was right out there either wrestling someone who didn't have a partner, or making sure the wrestlers pushed themselves through the workout. I really believe your Denver camp will definitely double next year. Word of mouth will be your biggest advertisement. I know Coach Hall is really going to encourage kids to attend your camp...we are going to talk about fund raisers with our board members to help pay for kids to attend your camp. And last but not least...the camp store. Bring more stuff next time. More t-shirts, books, notebooks, and many more videos! Colorado Christian University was a very nice place to have your camp. The facilities were excellent along with the employees of CCU. It was easy to get to, and it made it easy for the commuters. I hope your summer goes well with the rest of your camps. Thank you for everything, Mitzi