Feedback submitted by Tami Bacich Stockton Elite Wrestling Club

Ken, Ian, and all of the California coaches, Thank you again for another great camp in California. As always McKenzie loved the camp and walked away learning so much. She always feels welcome at your camp and for that I appreciate you and your staff more than I can ever express. We brought our youngest daughter, Jenna (6 years old) for the first time this year and just like her oldest sister she is already looking forward to next summer's camp. Our son, Bryce, since coming to last years camp has had a new love for the sport. He was looking forward to this summers camp and you made it everything he wanted it to be. He came back stronger and more determined than ever. And last I would like to thank you for having Harold help out with the kids at the camp. He truly enjoyed himself. See you next summer in California and we are going to add your Arizona camp to our schedule for next year. Thanks again for everything. Tami Bacich Stockton Elite Wrestling Club