Feedback submitted by Ken Carrigan

Coach Chertow,

One of the best wrestlers that I have ever coached now goes to Ohio State and was at your new England Camp with me. After camp he went to Fargo and was an All American. He then got into Wyoming Seminary as a P.G. & became a heavyweight Prep. Natíl. Champion. The reason why Iím telling you this is because you played a vital roll in impacting upon his wrestling attitude & helped fuel his dreams to become a reality.

He was the one who stayed and closed the Gym with Ryan Malo until the lights were shut off & they were forced to leave by the custodians. Your mind set stayed within his psych & he told me about how you said a few things that carried him beyond his & others expectations. Your approach towards progressive wrestling is very admirable & I thank you for your professionalism in influencing this particular wrestler.

I look forward to returning to your camp.

In wrestling,
Ken Carrigan