Feedback submitted by Denise and Schuyler Frey

Ken, Your way with kids and your enthusiasm for the sport of wrestling is simply outstanding. This past season for our son Luke was very memorable for our entire family. His success started by attending your school last spring, summer camp last year and carried through to the beginning of the season by watching your tapes, getting a home mat and attending your school this spring. Luke had good success as a 6 year old, but his intensity skyrocketed this past season. From the first tournament I knew there was something different. Usually before a match I had to get him up and talk him through warm ups. This year as soon as I told him it was time to go he was focused and ready to go. Luke had a great season and finished it by becoming an Eastern National Champ. Not only did he win Eastern Nationals, but he devastated the competition throughout the entire tournament series by pinning 7 of 9 opponents with a 38 second fall in the finals. The closest match was a 9-0 decision and only 4 points were scored on him. Another added note he pinned all 9 kids he wrestled in our league to win that championship also. For a seven year old to set goals so high and to accomplish them is fantastic and we are so proud. Much of Luke's success we owe to you. Thank you so much. We appreciate your stressing of academic excellence, which Luke also succeeds. We're looking forward to the future through your program. Denise and Schuyler Frey