Feedback submitted by Jim

Ken and Team, The Allentown, PA camp is almost half over and Michael age 12, is working with his room mates, organizing his time and room, and checking the white board for his daily sessions. He might even attend the early morning AB Bands or the morning run pretty good for a late summer sleeper. He just completed his first season of 6th grade wrestling so I though this camp would help him decide if he wants to continue wrestling. His first year he was 8-5 and he came in 2nd in districts so he appears to have a talent for it. While watching the staff, I was really impressed with the mixture of local, regional and overseas talent. It was funny watching the under 130lb boys trying to the exercises with the young Russian coach. Most of the kids limbs don't bend that way! Having so much diverse talent on the staff the campers never have time to get bored, maybe a little sore but never bored. I was laughing with my wife after the first 2 hour Gold Medal session wondering if he would be able to get out of bed the next morning! The facilities were excellent for camp since the hotel is setup with everything right there and with such a large conference room you can watch a lot of quality wresting and teaching going on. Thanks, Jim