Feedback submitted by Billie Howell, Zane's Mom

Coach Chertow: Just wanted to let you know that Zane's goal and dream of becoming a state champion was just realized this weekend. He had waited a long time for this win and it was really very meaningful and awesome thing for him. We believe that going to your camp this summer and in the past have helped to achieve this goal. You gave him the idea of goal setting and working toward this goal. Also, your discussions this summer on getting ready to wrestle before your match helped tremendously. He was much more focused and ready to go. This past weekend he was 'on' the whole tournament and tearing them up. The finals were a very tough match his opponent was undefeated most of the year until Tulsa Nationals. Zane said it was the toughest match of the year but he won out with a 4-2 win. We will be attending the Kids Training Camp in Denver this year, and my oldest is interested in attending this year as well. Thanks for everything! See you this summer. Billie Howell, Zane's Mom