Feedback submitted by Joe Bennett

Ken, My name is Joe Bennett. I am a senior at Miami University in Ohio. I attended your camps every summer while I was in high school. I wrestled at Clyde High School in Ohio. You have made a great influence on my entire life, not just wrestling. I remember a time in high school when I was worried about making the varsity lineup. I wrote you a letter. It was more of a journal entry than a letter because I never expected you to write me back. But you did write me back. It was possibility the best thing anyone ever did for me. I ended up making the varsity lineup that season. The letter that you sent me is still framed above my bed in my room. Wrestling has been a source of motivation even now, having not wrestled in four years. I was able to coach a Junior High team in Cincinnati this past year. I was an incredible experience. I am paying my way through school and it has begun to get very tough. This summer I came up with an idea to start my own motivational business selling pictures, with wrestling being my first line. I was coming up with quotes to put on the bottom of my pictures and I came across your quote that was at the bottom of your technique guide, 'You can learn a move so well that no one can stop it, if you want it bad enough, it is only a matter of time.' I think that quote sums up everything that I wanted to say. I am writing to ask permission to use that quote on the bottom of one of my pictures. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you for everything that you do for kids. You are a special individual, the wrestling community is lucky to have. If you have any ideas for me, just let me know. Thanks again. Sincerely, Joe Bennett