Feedback submitted by Jake Rathfon

Hi Mr. Chertow, Before the state tournament starts, I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you did to get me to this point. I know it is the work I put in and the teaching from many people, but what I learned at your Super Gold Camp put me into a higher level. In the Regional Finals last week, I used a funk, a granby, and a few other things that I learned from your camp. I hope you are thereat state, and get to see me wrestle. I have my goal set high, although Rogers will be hard. I also learned that I should never count out anything. I was not supposed to be Regional champ last week, but I did that too. I May go two and out, or I May win gold, but I am going to wrestle in college, and I wanted you to know how much a part of this you were. Jake Rathfon