Feedback submitted by Beth Stokes

Ken, When we picked Cheyenne up at the airport after camp last summer, the first thing she said was 'Can I go back next year?!' She learned so much and had a great time! Cheyenne will be returning to your camp this Summer Last month was a very busy one for us with trips from our home in Oklahoma to Tennessee for the La Femme and to Michigan for the USGWA Nationals Cheyenne has had a really good season. At the La Femme she got 1st in freestyle, 1st in folkstyle and 2nd in Greco. She got 1st at the USGWA Texas state tournament and placed 1st at USGWA Nationals. She was also the Outstanding Wrestler for the middle school division at both of those tournaments. Not too bad for being a 6th grader wrestling against mostly 8th graders! She also placed 3rd at Oklahoma Kid's State this year. She beats most the boys. It's softball season now and she plays on a competitive team, but she will still try to squeeze in a little freestyle when she can. She keeps us hopping! Cheyenne has all A's and B's and seems to like school, which I am very thankful for. She's set some pretty high goals for herself and knows that without an education most of them won't be reachable. OK, I've bragged enough for one day! I'll send Cheyenne's camp registration soon. Thanks! Beth Stokes