Feedback submitted by Ron Gross

Ken, I am writing to express what a great experience my son Sammy had at the Junior Olympian Camp. He worked hard, learned a lot and had a great deal of fun. The older kids acted as if he was their little brother. He swam with them and played tag every day. This part of the camp was as valuable to his self esteem as the great instruction. The camp also gave me and Sammy father/son time together away from his two sisters. I expect to be a regular at your camps for many years to come. Also, I want to comment on three coaches who I thought did an outstanding job. 1. Gary Huntington - was outstanding. I love his approach to the kids. He is a great clinician and more importantly seems to have a passion for the sport and the kids. I think he missed his calling by being a civil engineer. He should be with kids. 2. Paul Wright - was the perfect support to Gary. He has a lot of patience. The kids (my son included) seemed to respond well to his instruction. I think he should be a permanent part of the junior camps. 3. Dale Bonsall - His session was the best of the camp. He got the kids working hard and learning at the same time. His approach to the kids was great. I hope he continues to be a guest at your camps. I thought the time you spent with the parents was important. Thank you for your insight. Also, the closing session when you met with the Junior Olympians in the glass room was motivational. Your emotions showed how much you truly care about the kids. I enjoyed meeting you and talking to you when the opportunity arose at dinner. Maybe we can get your camp to Cleveland. I will check out some ideas. Thanks again for a great experience. Very truly yours Ron Gross