Feedback submitted by Art LaVeck

Ken, I wanted to let you know that my son, Alexander LaVeck, had what I guess you would call a "Peak Performance" yesterday and finished 3rd in the State of Maryland Youth Wrestling Championships! Alexander lost his first match 6-2 but then came back to win 5 consecutive matches including an 11-0 win over the kid that had beat him earlier along with a 1st period pin in the 3rd place match. Obviously our team's coaching staff was instrumental in getting Alex to the point where he is a decent wrestler, and of course Alexander's work ethic, desire and perseverance played no small role in his achievement as well. As you know, Alexander is not a stellar athlete and so effort and technique are both hugely important for him. Your coaching has helped him in both of those areas. Alexander responds so well to Ian in particular so a special thanks goes to him as well. That being said, we wanted to thank YOU and your staff for all of the solid instruction, positive role-modeling, intense sessions, and fun wrestling opportunities you have provided Alexander over the past several years. You and members of your staff have played a key role in making wrestling fun for Alexander and while we cannot get up to your facility nearly as much as we would like to, Alexander is very excited every time we do get to work in your room. On Friday night before the state tournament Alexander read your article, "The Mindset and Tactics of a Champion." I really believe this assisted him in terms of his mental preparation and his successful response to the initial adversity he faced yesterday. Anyway, thanks very much...we hope to get to the HTC soon, we look forward to seeing you at the NCAA Tournament, and we are both excited about attending at least one of your camps this summer. Thanks very much to you and your staff for working with my kid! Sincerely, Art LaVeck