Feedback submitted by Bud Gordon

Ken, Thanks again for another great year at your State College wrestling camp. Bayne had a great time in the Future Champions group and is looking forward to the Kids Training Camp next year. I am going to make a big push to the rest of our club members to consider attending; they are really missing a great time and un-paralleled instruction. I had to write and let you how much we appreciate your excellent staff. I am amazed that you can find such a great number of highly qualified coaches that are not just great wrestling technicians, but connect so well with the kids they are teaching. Troy Elmore and Willie Hilton were awesome, and kept the kids interested and enthused. Brad Pataky and Chris DeVilbiss were great representatives of your organization and their schools. Learning from C.P. Schlatter was an experience that he will never forget; and for the second year in a row Casey Brewster made a huge impact on both of us. Casey is an awesome young guy who is really going to do well in our sport. Well I've taken enough of your time, but I wanted you to know what a great experience we had. Best wishes to you and the family, Bud Gordon