Feedback submitted by John and Susan Metzler

Dear Ken and Laurie: I just wanted you to know that your e-mails of information to former campers are much appreciated. I know Ken that you probably remember Matt Metzler. Well, Matt is in 7th grade this year and became a 1st year varsity wrestler in NY. He has come to your camp on 3 occasions and most recently this past summer. We felt that your camp would best prepare him for his year to come. One of his Coaches that teach in the middle school where he is prints out your wrestling articles and displays them outside his classroom with Matt's name highlighted. That is where your honor roll with his name is. Matt maintains a 98.5 average and is ranked number 1 in his class. I know those grades are as important to you as they are to us. That is one of the things that draws us to have Matt at your camp. He is doing better that we anticipated this year on Varsity. His current record is 18-8. He wrestles 103 at duels and 96 at tournaments. As proud as we are, this weekend frustration set in. He should have been in the finals. The first match he lost 1-0. It was one of those should have won it, but we told him ok, now fight your way back and he did until wrestling for 3rd and 4th. It was almost as if he choked. He was tired, but so were the other kids. He could not find the fire he needed. He just didn't wrestle the kid, not at all. John and I spent all day today talking, trying to come up with what to say to him. How to help him or make him understand without being over-demanding. If it was a case of the kid was just that much better, we wouldn't have been so concerned. Then I went on my computer tonight to check my mail, and like some divine intervention there was your e-mail on peak performance training tips. Thank you and keep those tips coming. John and Susan Metzler