Feedback submitted by John Laratta

Dear Ken, My 7 year old son, Smilin' Joey - as nicknamed by Coach Fritz, just completed the Super Gold Kids Training Camp in Denver, CO. Before the start of the camp, I must say that I was a bit concerned if my son, a 1st year wrestler, would be able to hang in there with the rest of the group. The sessions turned out to be a lot of fun as he began to learn a variety of new wrestling moves and techniques. My only problem now, is he is always putting me in a headlock. Along with all of the personalized attention he received from the many coaches in attendance, I am very proud of the way he worked during the week. Not only was he an intense little wrestler, but on one session break, he attended his swim team practice and during another days break, he attended his little league baseball game -- which he won! I appreciate being able to attend and video the sessions, as well as being able to be right on the mat with him to encourage him on. It is obvious what you love the sport of wrestling, thanks for the great Wrestling Camp, and we will definitely see you again next summer. Sincerely, John Laratta