Feedback submitted by Lisa

Ken, The gang had a blast in Wausau! FYI: Just a few comments that I've heard -The youngest from our group thought camp was GREAT went from 73 to 79 (the kids must have been fed well) -Nolan - 'I just liked all the work outs and wrestling with Ken.' 'The shadow training was fun.' 'I liked the 5 mile run too.' -Nolan is so very proud of his scholar athlete shirt. (By the way, both Landon/Nolan earned straight 'A's') -The t-shirt is very patriotic this year with the stars and strips :o) kudos! -Staff shirt - GREAT wrestling logo wrestling training for the rest of your life. -We have another wrestler who can't wait to go to camp again! (He's hooked and ecstatic!) -Kent decided that you should be the wrestling announcer for the next Olympics because of all your commentary and enthusiasm! Lisa