Feedback submitted by Sandi Del Rosario

Dear Ken, I wanted to write to you to thank you for taking the time with my 11-year old son, Tyler Del Rosario, when he was at the Kids Training Camp the 19th-22nd of July at State College. If you remember, Tyler had never wrestled before and he was frustrated during the early stages of camp. By the 3rd day he was doing better during the instructional sessions, but he wasn't looking forward to the 'hard' session and doing the 'live' wrestling. To our surprise, you had the kids break off into groups. He went with the inexperienced/frustrated kids (I guess he wasn't the only one feeling frustrated). Only 4 kids showed up for that class, but he learned a lot and did really well. Ken, that is when you came into his practice session! You talked to not only us, but you talked to Tyler and even wrestled with him! You made his day! While walking back to his room, he even said that he might try out for wrestling! 180 degrees turnaround! His last session that day, he really loved what was shown (rolls) and was already talking about coming back to a wrestling camp next year to learn more rolls. We ended up leaving that night and all he talked about was the kind of moves he learned and wanted to practice with us! It hurts :-) After he said he didn't want a t-shirt the whole time he was there, we ended up purchasing one anyway and 2 videos. I had him look in his bag on the drive home and he thanked us and asked for more videos (which I will purchase later). Thank you for taking the time to make my son feel better, the staff for taking the time with him and giving him such great praises, and your admin staff for sending me the shoes and doing the paperwork. My husband and I were quite impressed with the number and quality of the staff you had available at the camp and would love to see my son come back next year. I have been telling other parents this story and they can't believe you and your staff were that way. I am highly recommending anyone I know that their kids wrestle to attend. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Sandi Del Rosario