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Dates: December 2nd through February 3rd
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Sessions: Wednesday Sessions (7:00-8:45pm)

Weekend camp dates will be announced soon. Keep checking back for updates to our weekend camp schedule.

WHO: Dedicated wrestlers of all ages. Students of varying skill levels will be present. The curriculum and training will be challenging to all in attendance.

WHAT: Intensive Learning and Training Program. This is a unique opportunity to receive world-class instruction in a very personalized, small group environment. Wrestlers travel from throughout the nation to train at our camps. Take advantage of this special opportunity right here in PA! Wrestlers spend all day in a car and gym going to tournaments for a handful of short matches. This experience is way over-rated. Come spend a day, evening, or weekend with us at our HTC and you will understand the benefits.

COST: $130 for all sessions (includes significant discounts on weekend camps)
1 session: $20
First time at HTC = Free Trial (1 night)

Single workout and multiple workout packages can be arranged for those who are unable to attend weekly.

Need-based financial aid is available. Email camps@kenchertow.com for an application.

PARENTS & COACHES: You are invited to watch and learn at all sessions FREE. You are welcome to videotape and/or take notes during any or all sessions.

COMMUNITY DISCOUNT PROGRAM: An unlimited number of wrestlers from your school of ALL ages can attend all sessions for a team fee of $800. In addition to this community fee, there is a $10 individual membership fee per wrestler. You must e-mail us ahead of time to let us know your plans. We will accept Booster Club Checks.

FULL YEAR COMMUNITY DISCOUNT PROGRAM: An unlimited number of wrestlers of ALL ages from your school can attend all sessions, NOW - April, for a total team fee of $1900. In addition to this community fee, there is a $30 individual membership fee per wrestler. You must e-mail us ahead of time to let us know your plans. We encourage you to make a commitment to our year-round training program.

TRAINING PLAN: Learning, drilling, wrestling, peak performance training tips, mental preparation, and motivation. Focus for experienced wrestlers will be on hard drilling and live situations with intense live wrestling. We need to improve in specific positions like finishing leg attacks, getting off bottom against tough opponents, scoring with and getting out of legs, seat/belt whizzer, rear standing, front headlock, clinch, scrambles, and many more key positions. We will train in these positions and you will improve in these essential areas. You need to SCORE in these positions.

If you are not sure what is best for your wrestler, email camps@kenchertow.com.

When you arrive early throw the dummies, use the pull up bars, grab a partner, get extra coaching, and/or study wrestling video.
Thanks again for another outstanding year at summer camp. I am very excited about the fact that both of our Southern Columbia's elementary coaches were able to attend your camp with some of our other team members. I know they were all extremely impressed with how well organized and the large number of world class clinicians that you have on staff at your camp. You run the best camps in the nation. Keep up the great job and we will see you in the fall at HTC. I included a couple of pics of my son Jake with Brad, Quentin, Troy & Mike.

Ralph Renn

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