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Youth, Boys & Girls Wrestling Camps | Ken Chertow Wrestling

Super Gold

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super gold overview
We can customize dates and curriculum based on your needs!
2, 3, or 4+ Week Options
This intensive learning and training camp entails a unique blend of comprehensive technical instruction and structured drill sessions with lots of live wrestling. You will learn how to develop the mental toughness and confidence that you need to excel at the highest levels of competition. You will come to understand the technique, concentration, intensity, and commitment required to become a Champion.

Super Gold Medal Training Camp is a unique opportunity for the experienced teenage wrestler who is determined to excel at the highest levels of competition. To reach your fullest potential, more than just physical training is required. Our Sports Science Staff and I will conduct seminars on important areas including strength training, nutrition, goal setting and mental preparation.

Quentin attended Super Gold Camp many times starting in 5th grade. The year before he entered 9th grade he attended 6 weeks of camp with us one summer to make sure he did everything he could to get ready for high school.

You will receive personalized coaching and feedback from our staff of superstar clinicians in small, instructional groups, and have the opportunity to participate in an intense, supervised strength training program with expert strength training coaches. Super Gold Medal Training Camp is not like traditional intensive camps where you rise every morning at dawn to run and/or lift and become too exhausted to retain technique and wrestle intensely. The emphasis is on learning and wrestling and you will do plenty of both. There will be some mandatory running and lifting sessions but most will be optional.

Super Gold Medal Training Camp will be a valuable investment in your future. It is a special opportunity for the experienced wrestler who has college scholarship aspirations and wants to make a big commitment this summer.

2017 Super gold camp dates:

Multi-week Super Gold Camp in State College, PA:
Wrestlers will be staying for a multi-week camp in State College, PA at the Penn State Ramada Inn Convention Center.

July 16 - 29
July 16 - 25

Our Super Gold and Gold Medal Camps are well attended, allowing for many different partner match-ups throughout camp. Super Gold campers will work out with the single week campers too and will have a fresh set of partners come in each week of camp.

PRICES (includes the wrestler's overnight accommodations, all meals and all training):

Super Gold 7/16 - 7/29 ($1560)
Super Gold 7/16 - 7/25 ($1060)

Click here for online enrollment.

We pro-rate fees if wrestlers cannot attend the days specified above.

Team and Group Discounts: We offer significant Team and Group Discounts for as few as 8 wrestlers of all ages from one community. In addition, we have programs that allow coaches and parents to attend camp with their group at no charge. Please email SuperGold@kenchertow.com for more information.

Airport Shuttle: Pickups are available from the nearest airport or bus station. If you need this service, please e-mail camps@kenchertow.com or call 814-466-3466 when you enroll, as arrangements must be made at least two weeks beforehand.

Coaches and Parents: Coaches and parents are welcome to attend any and all sessions free. Contact our office for food and housing options.

Congratulations to our local Home Training Center Students and long-time Super Gold campers Mitchell Port, AJ Schopp, and Zain Retherford! All 3 attended our camps consistently for a decade and won NCAA All-American Honors many times.  Zain had an undefeated sophomore season and won the 2016 NCAA Championship and the NCAA's Most Dominating Wrestler Award. Memories of a lifetime!

Contact supergold@kenchertow.com or call our office at 814-466-3466 for more information.

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